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Lost & Framed by Hans Dekker

Hans Dekker is a multifaceted artist, Dutch by birth but ever since que was a child he used to spend his summers in Mont-Roig as his family was related to Joan Miró. Now for the last few years he is made it his first residence. In the past, he has [...]

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As every year, artAMILL participates in the festivities of Sant Joan with a live poetry and painting recital. This year being the "Year Amoros" after the poet.The group of rhapsodes Safareig Poetic from Reus will read us some of the best of his literary work At the easel we will [...]

What makes us who we are?

  The world moves by balances: after the black book "what kills us?" we wanted to connect with the more luminous arts of "what makes us be?" and on this occasion we add music as the most lively of all the arts, under the direction of the composer Joan Magrané.

“Fusta, ferro, paraula” by Jordi Casabona.

  Jordi Casabona i Barbarà (Barcelona, 1957) is a medical doctor and writer trained in epidemiology and public health in the United States who has devoted his professional career to the prevention and control of communicable diseases both nationally and internationally, and who also combines his scientific activity with writing [...]

“Mont-roig abstractions” by Ursula Rottler

  Love for nature Born in 1955, in St Georgen, (Black Forest), Ursula explains that from an early age she was very fond of drawing and painting. She grew up in the natural environment of Weiler, near Königsfeld a rural area, which always fascinated her, being her source of inspiration [...]

“Piquerianes” by Josep Piqué

  Together with the Fundació Josep Piqué from Montbrió, we are pleased to present a very special exhibition dedicated to women. Josep Piqué (1913-2012) initially with a doctorate in architecture, spent many years of his long life dedicated to the study of his favorite arts, music, painting and sculpture. He [...]

“BCN. An obscure vision” by Pepo Argilaguet

For the artist Pepo Argilaguet, photography is an almost vital necessity with which he can express his senses. The restlessness is what drives him, he lets himself be carried away by his intuition, by those intangible sensations that reach his personal world, and captures them in an image. He started [...]

Josep Maria Mas “In memoriam” with Teresa Felip & Meritxell Roig

artAMILL has the honour of exhibiting for the first time the most intimate and emotional work of Mr. Josep Maria Mas.  Considered one of the best artists of the territory, unfortunately he left us just a year ago. Together with his family we'd like to pay him a deserved tribute. [...]

“Degenerats” by Pau Serramià

As part of the cycle "What makes us who we are?" Pau Serramià brings us some terracotta sculptures that at first can generate aggression, anger, hostility... These figures that he calls "Degenerates" are his artistic expression of a high intensity pulse that is part of a process that Mònica Dalmau [...]

“Transformacions” by Joan Vilà

Making art out of trash and abandoned utensils oh the most humble kind. This is the answer given by Joan Vilà in his exhibition at artAMILL "Transformations". Three-dimensional collages that reveal a past sometimes as distant as the blade of a hoe from the 18th century or the handset of [...]

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