“Papers de Mèxic” by Carles Amill

On the occasion of art week in Catalonia, a series of itineraries or routes were established that brought together different exhibition spaces.

This 2023, three important spaces devoted to art that geographically.

 are beyond the known itineraries, they have decided to get together and make the proposal to be visited in the same day. It will be the 19th of October and the spaces can be found on a line, starting with Vinyols where you can visit artAMILL headquarters of the Association that bears the name of the Barcelona artist Carles Amill, we continue to Montbrió where Josep Piqué Foundation will be visited and in this direction, we would end up in Mont-roig where we visit the Mas Miró.

Obviously, the itinerary can and will be done in the opposite direction, starting with Mas Miro and ending with Art Amill.

It is for this occasion that we present a very special exhibition, exclusively with the work of Carles, showing a collection of drawings and paintings on very thick paper that he found and loved during his stay in Mexico in 1985.

The exhibition will be open all day on the 19th for visitors from route I and will be officially opened at 7 with a presentation by the contemporary artist Fernando Lozano.