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Ferrateriada at artAMILL

An audience success!

The two canvasses that artist David Callau directly painted , while we were all listening to the great recital by Jordi Salvador and Maria Jacob’s, were ultimately drawn among assistants.
Funds collected will be donated by David Callau’s to the Cambrils ALS research foundation.

Thanks to all participants, also our gratitude to the association “Gosar poder” for their mediation at including out event in their Year of Gabriel Ferrater’s agenda.



Ràdio Ciutat Baix Camp: “The exhibition “Rexistir” at ArtAmill de Vinyols”.

An exhibition of photographs that talks about historical facts with diverse political criticism, inspired by the Italian feixism and the current context of the independence of Catalonia, in addition to return a meaningful memory to Carles Amill. To talk about all this and the artistic exhibition, we talk with the author and artist of the work Anton Roca. LINK