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Ràdio Ciutat Baix Camp: “The exhibition “Rexistir” at ArtAmill de Vinyols”.

An exhibition of photographs that talks about historical facts with diverse political criticism, inspired by the Italian feixism and the current context of the independence of Catalonia, in addition to return a meaningful memory to Carles Amill. To talk about all this and the artistic exhibition, we talk with the author and artist of the work Anton Roca. LINK


`Vanitas Mundi´, by Carles Amill

On March 7, the Vanitas Mundi exhibit was opened at the Reus Reading Center lobby. The exhibit includes a series of works that were already exhibited when the painter Carles Amill lived in the United States in 1995.

This series attracted me from the first moment that I enjoyed it in an old catalog of the exhibit that was made in the USA in his time. Over the years I have […]