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Josep Piqué “Piquerianes”

  • Avinguda de Catalunya, 2

  • From 5th March to 26th April

Together with the Fundació Josep Piqué from Montbrió, we are pleased to present a very special exhibition dedicated to women.

Josep Piqué (1913-2012), initially with a doctorate in architecture, spent many years of his long life dedicated to the teaching of his favorite arts, music, painting and sculpture.

He was part of the artistic group ARA (Artistes reusencs actuals) led by Ramon Ferran in 1960 and since then he explored new artistic fields, from figurative and landscape to colorful and vital abstraction with works of great visual power.

The exhibition has been curated by Carme Puyol Torres, coordinator of the foundation and great connoisseur of Piqué’s work.

The leitmotif is “the woman” (8M) thus marking a celebration for all that has been achieved so far in terms of emancipation, and also claiming all that still needs to be done around the world for their equality.

The exhibition will be open until 16 April.

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Who we are

artAMILL is the headquarters for the association that bears Carles Amill’s name.

The space is in Vinyols, a small village in Tarragona’s province where Carles stablished his art studio to the end of his life.

The association is a private, non profit,  stablished a few years back, by a group of friends in his memory.

For Carles, art wasn’t solely a form of expression. He was also involved in the study and history of art, as well as his techniques and procedures.

The association mission…

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About artAmill

An art gallery-workshop located in the very center of Vinyols I els Arcs.

A precious town within Baix Camp, right next to Reus,

and about a hundred kilometers south of Barcelona.

Why here

Vinyols was the spot chosen by Carles Amill in 1999 to set up his art studio.
It’s a quiet village at the skirt of soft hills looking at the Mediterranean sea.

Vinyols is growing as a dorm for the more industrial areas of Reus

and Tarragona but keeps its charm and is very conveniently

located, at 100Km South of Barcelona.

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Elegy for Carles Amill

by Mick Stern, April 2004

He lived in caves in gypsy neighborhoods, cavernous studios without much light except the light from his paintings.

One night in Brooklyn he invited me to remove my shoes and walk shut-eyed across a canvas laid out on the cement floor to feel the voluptuous thickness of pigment through the feet of my soul.

It was after his blue period of potatoes and stone walls, but before the architectural facades and drawings of fire.

He lived his vocation like a medieval monk, didn’t understand the big hurry of modern life.

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