“Clay Languages” by Gemma Molero


Ceramics is a positive art, rooted in an ancestral tradition, it transports us to the first skills of humanity, to the need to create a utensil that, in the process of being made, incites an aesthetic intention and shapes a symbol.

Gemma Molero belongs to a generation of very good ceramists from the Camp de Tarragona who were trained in years of prosperity and renewal of Catalan ceramics. From teachers like Ramón Carreté they received the legacy of wisdom and modernity from the great contemporary Catalan, Japanese or Anglo-Saxon creators.

In the work of Gemma Molero we find the technical mastery, the formal austerity of modern ceramics and all the creativity with sculptural values, a ceramic made for the senses and emotion.

In the artAMILL exhibition we see 5 series made in the last 4 years, which address different concepts and themes.