“Fusta, ferro, paraula” by Jordi Casabona.


Jordi Casabona i Barbarà (Barcelona, 1957) is a medical doctor and writer trained in epidemiology and public health in the United States who has devoted his professional career to the prevention and control of communicable diseases both nationally and internationally, and who also combines his scientific activity with writing and cultural activity. This is his first public exhibition of his sculptures. 

Besides his multiple scientific articles in his speciality, his literary production includes more than 100 opinion articles in the written press (El Periodico, La Vanguardia, El Punt/Avui), short stories in the literary magazine Bossanova (Mallorca, 2004), three books of poetry (En la mesura del Angles, Ed. Columna, Barcelona, 1998; “Del Alba a su Pesar”, Ed. Calima, Madrid, 2005 i Més enllà de la sorra, Ed. El Pont de Petroli, Badalona, 2016), and the participation in the collective work of travelling doctors “Doctor … supongo” (Ed. Ikusager, Bilbo, 2012). He has given several conferences on Poetry and Medicine.  

In 2017 he began to make sculptures, a sample of which is presented in the exhibition “Fusta, ferro, paraula” at the Art Amill space.

 In the words of the author, “I was interested in having the first exhibition at Carles Amill’s house, as a small tribute to the friendship we had in the United States and Catalonia”. 

 “Fusta, ferro, paraula” is a collection of 24 works made with found materials, often from the sea, with the common intention of highlighting the generic concept of “unity” as a reflection of the capacity for immanence and transcendence of the human being. The author attempts to do this by using different materials with simple compositions and accompanying each piece with a wisdom text from different religious cultures.   

As Jordi Casabona says, “poetry is also a way of knowledge, and if ancient words and a touch of beauty help us to know ourselves better, perhaps they can also make us a little wiser”.