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Exhibition: What kills us? – “THE FORGET”

OPENING: April 10, 1 p.m. The series: What kills us? It continues its course and this time artAMILL has the honor of welcoming the great and consolidated artist Teresa Felip. Dominating color and composition, her answer speaks of disconnection, fraying, isthmus, oblivion. Accompanying her, on the 10th at one o'clock, [...]

Exhibition: What kills us? -“LONELINESS”

  OPENING: Saturday, March 6, 2021. At 1 p.m. Until the 30th of march. Following the series that concerns us all this year, talking about issues that concern us and also kill us apart from the Covid-19 ... the young painter Xavi Pinyol strongly conveys the suffering of loneliness. Paintings [...]

Exhibition: What kills us? -“Insomnia”

  This time Ruben Perdomo, a photographer of recognized talent shoots at the target, expressing all the frustration and discouragement that can cause us insomnia at night at all ages. A very old and universal disorder of the first magnitude, which finds no relief on the contrary, seems instigated and [...]

Project 2020-21: WHAT KILLS US?

"Apart from the virus, there are many other things that are killing us" This is the presentation of the project that heads this period that we are living in 2020-21. Do not miss it.  

Exhibition: What kills us? -“Lack of love”

Continuing with the series: What kills us? The renowned and more than award-winning artist Myriam Arnold, gives us her answer talking about the need to create intimate worlds, personal dreams to follow, spiritual moments where love prevails. Love for oneself, love for the other. This is how their sweet characters [...]

Exhibition: What kills us? -“Stolen Freedom”

Inauguration NOVEMBER 5th - "Stolen Freedom" Amadeu Adell  Despite the difficulty of doing "cultural events" these days, the series on artAMILL that gives answers to WHAT KILLS US? keep going. This November you can see the second exhibition in this line, "The stolen freedom" by Amadeu Adell. Reflections on individuality [...]

Exhibition: What kills us?

artAMILL, this year takes the ox by the horns and makes an annual program for 2020-21 integrated in the current that concerns us / worries. The participating artists / creators give their single or multiple answer to this initial question. We live the pandemic, but we badly refuse to live [...]

Unlockdown! We celebrate it with the Joan Vinyoli exhibition

Saturday, June 27 - 7:30 p.m. At Vinyols we border on the most poetic art of AMILL, celebrating the work of Joan Vinyoli. The expert and biographer Pep Sola will present Vinyoli's poetic work with the rhapsodic help of the poetic feels of Reus. Then two local artists, Nuri Mariné [...]

**CANCELLED** Art and Shiatsu Series: “Intimate Landscapes”

  **CANCELLED** Art and Shiatsu Series: "Intimate Landscapes" 2 group workshops, theory-practice and one individual session of Shiatsu. Proposal by Belén Domingo, artist and therapist of Shiatsu and Dance with the gestaltic approach. I. "Drawing as a Diagnosis". I am that living landscape that is constantly moving beneath my skin. [...]

Exhibition – “F of Photography”

 A new exhibit entitled "F of Photography" opened n Feb. 15th at the artAmill Gallery in Vinyols. - The group show features four local photographers and was attended by a large audience. In addition, works by internationally known photographer Rosalind Solomon,currently a New York City resident, are on display. Solomon, who could [...]

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