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REDS, rounds and squareds… about gestures and other questions

  Calvet shows his most pictorial and carefree face.  Red is the color chosen in many variants, a color that he has always been close to and it has often been the sole motif of some previous exhibitions. As for the formats, the squares are the ones he is most [...]

F for Fotografia: “Transiting” de Lluc Queralt

EXHIBITION: Until 26th March Lluc Queralt (Tarragona 1978)   TRANSITING   Photographer and painter. He started in photography in the mid 90s, thanks to a camera that his mother gave him as a present. He graduated in artistic photography from the School of Art and Design of Tarragona. A tireless [...]

WHAT KILLS US? La casa de vent (The house of wind)

A year later, this January, our series "WHAT KILLS US?, comes to and end with the exhibition by Albert Macaya, "La casa de vent" (The house of wind). A subtle and aesthetic expression of the fragility and ephemerality of these days. It will be an installation that the artist will [...]

I’m writing to you

Let’s take a Christmas break from the series: What Kills Us ?, to talk about dreams. Those that can be written and may need an envelope to reach their recipient. Cambrils artist Montserrat Recasens will surprise us with the series of envelopes painted in watercolors. If you want to learn [...]

Exhibition : What’s killing us? – “Living halfway”

... think about what life would be like without that ashen mediocrity that traps us, while he looks for ways to escape from the artificial happiness that always wants to tempt him through boring and predictable stimuli. You can't shake off that feeling that everything is done half-heartedly, just to [...]

What kills us? [R]EXIST!

Inauguration day: 9th October, 2021- 19:30h Antòn Roca, a well known multimedia international artist, born in the nearby Catalan village of Alcover, brings from his current Italian residence, an exhibit that he calls, " "EXIST"  a word that he overlaps with: " RESIST ". He is referring to the political [...]

What kills us? Gel wishing well

Within the series; "What kills us?" Jordi Abelló presents a video collage, exhibited together with "Foc de Tros" by Carles Amill, with the literary contribution of Glòria Bosch.

Exhibition: What Kills Us – 2×1

Within the series: What kills us ?, it was clear that we had to talk about pollution and the invasion of plastics. Two poisons that are universally destroying the balance necessary for the subsistence of the planet. We are all universally involved, we are victims ... and also executioners. The [...]


OPENING: MAY 8TH 2021 - 19h Anonymity is the preservation of a person's identity. It may be due to not knowing their name or, as in the case of networks, it may be a deliberate and determined strategy, to hide their identity so as not to be blamed for something, [...]

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