Legacy | Paintings by Agustina Sobrino

Sep 22nd to Nov 15th.

This last Sep 22nd, artAMILL lived through a huge celebration, not only of an opening season but also its very frst anniversary.

It’s been an adventurous  and a very exciting year, consolidating what’s the missión of the Asociation  and defining a polifacetic role in the territory  for our space artAMILL.

Fort he occasion the gallery shows  a fine selection of A. Sobrino’s  work: “Legacy” which in her words, intends to close up the circle with her origines, markedly driven by her former teacher Carles Amill.

Fort he opening night, artAMILL  counted with a very special quartet , since it also hosted the presentation of Carme Andrade’s poetry book: Distilations”, an award winner with the Natural flower, at Jocs florals del Rossello. 2016

While we were listening to the poetic mesage of Carme through the impecable rapsode  Antonia Farré, our eyes were delighted following the gratious  gesture of contemporary dance performer Magda Borrull.

Carme also said in her captivating language how she felt atracted to Agustina’s work , seeing paralelisms in their processes, as if that particular word: Destillating, or capture of the essential, had it been in both women’s minds all along, and now they were here only to add ecoes and textures to eachother’s.