Exhibition: What Kills Us – 2×1

Within the series: What kills us ?, it was clear that we had to talk about pollution and the invasion of plastics. Two poisons that are universally destroying the balance necessary for the subsistence of the planet.
We are all universally involved, we are victims … and also executioners.
The exhibition that can be seen in June at artAMILL, is responsible for highlighting this threat as dangerous as it is imminent. It says, “It’s on offer! 2 x 1.”
We will see the work of two contemporary artists, Chistophe Sion who with his camera documents the unstoppable gas smoke that is poured into our everyday air and Jordi Llort who with his colorful creations made of plastics found in the environment , they imply that no matter how much it is on offer, the price of this waste is incalculable!