OPENING: MAY 8TH 2021 – 19h

Anonymity is the preservation of a person’s identity. It may be due to not knowing their name or, as in the case of networks, it may be a deliberate and determined strategy, to hide their identity so as not to be blamed for something, and thus take advantage of this hiding to hurt others.
An evil that involves impotence, ignorance, discouragement, and that we even know has more than once led to the suicide of a victim.
A new killer, the technological mask in the shape of a hand that wanted to be friendly, accessible and welcoming to all.
So it’s good that a novice artist talks about it, with an early look as if still a teenager.
Pau Coll, dazzling, guided by his teacher, director of Saffron Island, Agustina Sobrino, exhibits at artAMILL a series of works to discuss ethics, while we enjoy aesthetics.
As a literary couple we will have the pen of Fina Anglès. Doctor of humanities from the U.R.V., many years old and now retired as a teacher of Catalan language and philology. Author of many titles, published both individually and in collective work, a great creator with words. You have anthological work in: The poems rain, and since the 1990s, her research has focused on the analysis of the transition from nature to art; research that has culminated in the publication A walk with the senses, from nature to art. Itinerary to Aleixar and Maspujols with the work of Joaquim Mir and Marià Manent (February 2006).