Exhibition: What kills us?

artAMILL, this year takes the ox by the horns and makes an annual program for 2020-21 integrated in the current that concerns us / worries.

The participating artists / creators give their single or multiple answer to this initial question. We live the pandemic, but we badly refuse to live from it.

We open our eyes and all our senses to so many other toxins, poisons, dangers, threats that also drown us out every day, perhaps less incisive and clearly less mediated, but that also end up killing us.

Each of these exhibitions or facilities will be linked to a day of pedagogical debate, inviting a group of boys and girls from neighboring schools / institutes. Cambrils, Riudoms, Vinyols, Montbrió, etc.

Until October 23, you can visit the exhibition: “Always among us“, a clear tribute from the renowned artist Lluis G. Agustench to Charles Amill. Apparently it was a very short personal acquaintance but with an intense impression on Augustench’s emotional memory.
The exhibition is generous and varied in techniques and format, but nevertheless consistent in its purpose in denouncing a world where you have to string your hopes or we will have gotten into a big cake.
The first in a series of exhibitions that artistically answer the question: WHAT KILLS US? and that artAMILL will be showing over the coming months.