Exhibition: What kills us? -“Stolen Freedom”

Inauguration NOVEMBER 5th – “Stolen Freedom” Amadeu Adell 

Despite the difficulty of doing “cultural events” these days, the series on artAMILL that gives answers to WHAT KILLS US? keep going.
This November you can see the second exhibition in this line,
“The stolen freedom” by Amadeu Adell.
Reflections on individuality and the feeling of belonging … ”


The exhibition consists of three series of very different aesthetics from each other.

The Singular series is printed with rubber stamps. Each impression is totally different from the previous one even if the matrix is ​​the same.

The Columbarium series are individual works but their raison d’être is that they should be exhibited alongside others to create group.

The Aigües Negres series works with bright colors with a basic shape but hidden with black spots.

It does not seem to have a stylistic connection but is a consequence of reflections on individuality, collectivity or personal or group freedom.