Painting and sculpture exhibition “Eroticism has the word”

Opening Saturday 11th of May at 7pm. 


Grand opening Queralt Osorio Saturday the 11th of May, artAMILL opened the great painting and sculpture exhibit by the young although experiences, prolific and well shown, artist Queralt Osorio. To accompany the opening, a recital of selected erotic text s took place with the voice and music of whom already are regular gallery collaborators, Antonia Farré, and Toni Pla at saxophone.

The show encompassed many delicious small drawings and a few large canvasses which due to their immense proportions, were left unfolding from the panels to continue rolled up once reaching the floor.

Saturated with hot vibrant colors, reds, oranges, violets, browns and pinks… Queralt Osorio showed to be a master of the subject.

Creating the appropriate ambiance for her subjects of both sexes to entangle in embraces, lasting kissing and intimacy of all sorts.

Queralt Osorio, is a brave, passionate young woman. She works following a great intuition, almost without thinking, her stroke becomes volume, gesture, volume, desire, soul. Born in Reus in 1978, attended Fine arts school of Tarragona but mostly she is a self- taught talented lady who likes to paint from lively models and continually learns from her own reality. She loves laughing and traveling.

Besides a master’s in visual arts she is also a chef, duties that balances together with the fact of being a full-time mom as well. She counts with numerous solo shows in Spain and in France. She’s been awarded Premi Vila de Cambrils 98. Young artist award Redis Foundation, 98. And Ricard Cami award of Terrassa, 97.

The show opened from May 11 to June 20 th . On Sunday June 8 th , another related event took place at atAMILL. Professor Joan Abelló, Joanpere PhD, gave a dissertation on “Art and Eros”. The talk was illustrated on Powerpoint with pictures of famous paintings like: “Morphina” by Santiago Rossinyol (1894), The origen of the World by Courvet, (1866), and Picasso, Mademoiselles d’Avignon (1907).

Again the event was well attended and followed up by a Vermout at the gallery. This is the last show of this season. The gallery will be closed on vacation til next September.
Thank you all for a great season 18-19!