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Would you like to join us?

The association is a private nonprofit entity.
It was founded in 2007 by family and close friends to Carles Amill with the spirit of preserving his memory, not only through his work but also his ideas that art should be respected wherever it is and hopefully available to everyone, for its enjoyment or its learning.
There is a rotating presidential board, with a secretary, a treasurer and as many vocals as possible.
There are no regular monetary contributions. There are however volunteer donations and every year we try our best to apply for a grant to cover the expenses.
You can be an associate, contributing, either:
Offering art workshops
Offering time to cover the gallery hours
Offering time and experience on grant/fundraising writing.
Offering experience in curatorship.
Offering expertise in web page management, digital marketing…
Helping to create links and collaborations with other galleries. etc.
Of you are an artist and become an associate, you can exhibit in the gallery or you can bring a friend of yours to do it.
Fill up the contact sheet and let’s talk about it!