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PROCESS: EMOTIONAL SOCIAL EVOLVING POLITICAL CREATIVE… PROCESS It’s a personal process that allows us to express the combinacions of experiences, facts and situations taking place in our world and allows t’hem to all bé considered from one place. I Find that’s true in my home hamlet, Aleixar, and specifically at the old bridge, looking toward the village and to the natural  end of the valley. The mountain range of Mussara at my back, embracing me and also projecting me towards the rest of the world. I’ve been working on the bridge’s surface, its rails loaded with history and life coming from the lichens that provide textures and pigments. They all get printed on a variety of fabrics  like silk, cotton, or linen from India. They also get printed on watercolorpaper, which catches the light of this àrea where we live. This exhibit is the result of that process expressen through an entire  year, and it has allowed me to revela my restlesness, soul aches, emotions and [...]


The differences between a selfie and a self-portrait was the subject of a fascinating lecture by Rufino Mesa, renown artist sculptor that knew Carles well from their times at Art school of Reus together. The lecture was one in a series of public events co-sponsored by the gallery and the [...]

Legacy | Paintings by Agustina Sobrino

Sep 22nd to Nov 15th. This last Sep 22nd, artAMILL lived through a huge celebration, not only of an opening season but also its very frst anniversary. It’s been an adventurous  and a very exciting year, consolidating what’s the missión of the Asociation  and defining a polifacetic role in the [...]

Marines Memoria

This past July 20th, 2018, celebrating the opening of the temporary exhibit "Marines", we were able to enjoy a great afternoon thanks to the poetry recital by Núria Miramelsmots and Montse Morillo accompanied by Toni Plasantemans on the saxophone. The artists dwelled into the poems of Hilda Hilst, letting poetry [...]

Collage Pep Quer

Award-winning poet Monica Dalmau and collage artist Pep Quer kicked off the innovative series of free public exhibitions and performances in Vinyols, Spain sponsored by the Carles Amill Foundation. The foundation, named after the late artist, was established to showcase art in its many forms. As part of its mission, [...]

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